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Merger to create Utility Regulation and Competition Office "OfReg"

13 January, 2017


It is with great enthusiasm that we announce an exciting change occurring at our

authorities. Effective 16 January 2017 as a consequence of the commencement of

the Utility Regulation and Competition Office Law, 2016 along with other sector

specific laws, we will merge into one entity- the Utility Regulation and Competition

Office “OfReg”.


The combination of our resources will provide greater depth of collaborative

utilities regulation, resulting in increased efficient and effective regulatory

processes, inspire confidence and predictability in a unified regulator, encourage

competition where appropriate and feasible, champion sustainability and

innovation across markets and contribute to the economic and social goals of the

Cayman Islands.


The new OfReg team will be comprised of existing staff reporting to a CEO and

Board, who will pool their knowledge and expertise to meet the various demands

of the regulated sectors.


See below document for the complete Notice to Licensees.