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Local Number Portability FAQ

What is Local Number Portability (LNP)?

At its very simplest, local number portability allows you to keep your existing telephone number (fixed or mobile) when changing your telecoms provider. This is often referred to as 'Porting' your number.


People also use similar terms and abbreviations to describe Porting such as: "NP", which means Number Portability; "MNP" which means Mobile Number Portability; and, "LMNP" which means Local and Mobile Number Portability.

Can I move my fixed number to a mobile number?

No. You can only move a fixed number to another fixed telephone provider, or a mobile number to another mobile phone provider.

Who will be offering this to me?

All telephone network operators within the Cayman Islands will be offering this service – currently Digicel, LIME, Logic and TeleCayman.

When can I Port my number?

As from 20 February 2012, you should be able to Port your number to your new service provider. (This is the 'Go Live' date you may have heard about in the Press.)

How long will it take to Port my number?

You should be able to Port your:


  • Mobile telephone number within 3 working days; and/or,
  • Fixed telephone number within 10 working days.

However, within the first month of Porting being available, the service providers are not bound by the above timeframe - though they must still use all their reasonable efforts to meet the timeframe. While the Porting is being arranged, you should not lose your existing service.

How much will it cost me to change providers?

The service provider who you are porting your number away from is not permitted to charge a porting fee. However, the service provider to whom you are porting your number to may have a one-off charge to Port your number (CI$10 or less). You should contact your proposed new service provider to see whether they will charge for this.


Also, to help cover the cost of the Porting service, the service providers may implement a monthly charge to a maximum amount of $0.85 per line to each of its customers whether or not that customer's number is Ported.

How do I make a request to Port?

You need to visit your new service provider's offices, be it at their retail store, corporate sales office or an authorised dealer, to arrange the Port.


When you visit their offices, your new service provider will want to make sure that you can move to it and may require from you such things as a proof of your identity (e.g. your passport or driving licence). Also, additional credit checks and other procedures may apply in accordance with your chosen new service provider's practices.


If everything is okay, you will then be asked to sign what is called a Porting Request Form which in effect appoints your new service provider to arrange the Port on your behalf.


You will then be asked to either call (for fixed telephone numbers) or text (for mobile numbers the word "PORT") to a 4-digit short code number (7678) from your existing phone – this is for you to confirm that you want to go through with the Port.


Once you have done this, your application will be processed and you will be informed if or when the Port has been made.

Can I ask to delay my Port?

Yes. You can request a delayed Port so the Port can take place at a specified date in the future - as long as it is within 58 days after the request has been logged by your chosen new service provider.

What services will be affected by my Port?

Your network-related services that are not tied to your Ported number should not be affected by Porting and you could keep such services and still Port your mobile or fixed telephone number.


It is also worth noting specifically that when you Port:


  • all network-related services associated with your Ported number will expire automatically, as will any data stored for these services such as in voice mailboxes; and,
  • if you are a mobile pre-paid customer, any outstanding credit with your previous provider will be forfeited at the time of porting, so you must use your outstanding credit or lose it.

How many times can I Port my number?

A single number cannot be ported more than once in any 90-day period.

Will my existing service provider contact me to try to stop me moving?

No. Your old service provider should not contact you to seek further information nor to try to retain your account during the Porting process.

Are there any other charges or fees?

If you are currently within a one or two year contract, there may be a fee for early termination of your contract. You can contact your current provider to confirm the length of your contract, how much time is left on it and what, if any, early termination fee there may be.