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Open Consultations


Future of Local Television Broadcasting

This is the ICTA’s Call for Inputs paper on The Future of Local Television Broadcasting in the Cayman Islands. There is an obligation on specific ICTA Licensees to provide a Local Television service where they also provide a subscription television service. It is now nearly ten years since that Local Television obligation was first drafted and much has changed in the Cayman Islands since then. As set out in the paper, the Authority is considering whether that Local Television service obligation is still fit for purpose and asks for your inputs by 7 May 2014.
Launch Date: 08 April, 2014
Closing Date: 07 May, 2014


FTR and Transit Rate Review

This proceeding is a follow-up to the Authority's ICT Decision 2010-5 and the purpose of the proceeding is to finalize a cost-oriented Fixed Termination Rate ("FTR") and Transit Rate. Such rates apply for the routing of traffic from customers on one licensee's network to customers on another licensee's network and are not directly charged to retail customers but are instead charged by telecommunications licensees to other telecommunications licensees.
Launch Date: 04 September, 2012
Closing Date:TBD